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I am Kristina Kaeding and I invite you to meet with me personally to assess your current financial situation and determine the best options available to you at this time.  You are taking the first important step in your journey to financial freedom by searching for a professional to help guide the way and I look forward to providing to you the expertise and professionalism that you deserve.

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Bankruptcy Chapters 7 and 13


Chapters 7 and 13

Bankruptcy FAQ Find out more

Bankruptcy FAQ

Find out more

Offering Both Chapter 7 And 13 Solutions

In my legal practice dedicated to bankruptcy law, I can explain both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy approaches and provide guidance regarding what choice best applies to your situation.

Are Life Changes Challenging You?

Asset division due to divorce or a looming foreclosure can lead to more debt than you can handle. If either of these situations is on the horizon, a bankruptcy can provide you with substantial relief. We can talk about your options at a free initial consultation.